Git migration plans: keep it as similar to SVN as possible

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Git migration plans: keep it as similar to SVN as possible

As promised, some more information about our move to git.
Note that these changes are not in effect yet, which should happen next Saturday.

First phase (this year)

In this phase, we will keep everything as similar to SVN as possible.
So the learning curve is as gentle as possible.
This means:
  • Same centralized model
  • Same authorization
    • Everyone who had write access on the SVN repository, gets write access on the Git reference repository (for now).
      • If they send me their login details! [1]
  • Same branches, same tags, same trunk (=master)
    • master == trunk. master is just another word for trunk. trunk shall hence forth be known as master.
    • Previous authors will be migrated correctly too, if and only if everyone sends me his user details [1].
  • Same directory structure (for now)
    • If you "git checkout master", you will see exactly the same directories and files as you see now if you "svn checkout trunk"
    • Our project will still build exactly the same way, don't worry.
I 'll also write a mail "Git migration: What do I need to do now that it's done?" so you're up and running fast next Monday.
Note that you should have already done [1] by tomorrow or you're a lot of time waiting for authorization next Monday!
Once everyone is acquainted with git, I 'll write a blog about how outsiders can supply us pull requests instead of clumsy patches.


Future phases (next year)

In future phases (probably starting around the end of January) we might look into some bigger changes.

This is also the reason why it's called droolsjbpm.git and not drools.git.
The droolsjbpm.git will be split up into git submodules called drools.git, jbpm.git, guvnor.git, ...
So you can checkout guvnor without checking out drools-core/compiler.
But droolsjbpm.git will still exist as an aggregation, so you will also still be able to checkout everything, like you do now.
All those git submodules and the aggregation repository, will all be under the github organization jbpmdrools:
With kind regards,
Geoffrey De Smet

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