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Fwd: Migrating kie-ci to maven 3.2.x and eclipse.aether

Mark Proctor

Begin forwarded message:

From: Mario Fusco <[hidden email]>
Subject: Migrating kie-ci to maven 3.2.x and eclipse.aether
Date: 9 July 2014 17:47:30 BST
To: Mark Proctor <[hidden email]>, Edson Tirelli <[hidden email]>, Charles Moulliard <[hidden email]>, Geoffrey De Smet <[hidden email]>, Michael Anstis <[hidden email]>, Toni Rikkola <[hidden email]>, Marco Rietveld <[hidden email]>

Hi all,

since they finally deployed a stable version of eclipse.aether, today I completed the migration of kie-ci to maven 3.2.x and eclipse.aether and pushed it to master.

All the tests are green and the observable behaviour of the kie-ci module isn't changed (for what I can see) so this migration shouldn't break any other project depending on kie-ci. Anyway if you'll find any problem please report it to me asap.

For what regards the OSGi support now all the eclipse.aether jars are valid OSGi bundles, but unfortunately the maven 3.2.x still aren't and we have this same problem also for plexus that is still internally used by maven. For this reason I am afraid we still need to use the kie-ci-osgi shaded bundle.

Charles, do you have some better idea? Do you think it could be helpful to bring at least the eclipse.aether jars out of it? I also tried that kie-ci-osgi still works in karaf but if you could double check that everything is ok also with the other examples you developed I'll really appreciate it.


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