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DRL Editor Code Completion


Code completion in the consequence part of a rule in the DRL editor does not work at all (using the new Drools Project Wizard). No bound variables from the consequence are shown and if I type the variable, not methods of that object are shown either. The only options available are:

- insert
- insertLogical
- retract
- update
- drools
- kcontext

If I type 'd' then 'Ctrl + Space' no proposals are shown at all. It seems the code completion is non-existent. From the following (albeit old - 2006) bug report it seems that code completion in the consequence should work:


I've installed Drools IDE from the following update site (I've tried it with Eclipse 4.2 as well as with 3.7 without any difference):

Should Java code completion in the consequence work? If yes, any hints on how to get it working? If no, any plans to readd that feature?